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The quilted city sling bag is slightly padded depending on your interfacingbatting choices, and a preferable bag when carrying electronic devices such as a phone or tablet that need some extra protection. Whoopie sling made with dyneema whoopie slings are adjustable slings constructed with a nonadjustable eye at one end and an adjustable loopeye at the opposite end. At only 17th the weight of wire, it is a safe and efficient solution for all marine applications where wire is traditionally used. This whoopie sling is made from amazingly strong amsteel.

Tenex is a high strength, low stretch single braid polyester rope specifically designed with two ends per carrier. This gets incorporated into your hammock suspension at the hammocksuspension connection. Whoopie sling how to tie a whoopie sling using stepbystep. Bushwalk australia view topic group buy amsteel 764. Samson amsteel blue is a torquefree 12 strand single braid rope made from dyneema fibers. The material is extremely durable and has a strength rating comparable to that of steel but weighs a fraction of what steel does and even floats. Folks ask what the minimum length is and, depending on how much is used when attaching to the hammock, it is approximately 14 for all sizes of whoopie slings. This whoopie sling is made from amazingly strong amsteel blue from samson. Splicing a continuous loop by sight the ultimate hang. Here is the weight that a typical 764 amsteel blue whoopie sling is rated to support. Smaller line, like dynaglide, will work, but even with the larger amsteel, be sure to inspect the line for abrasion before any hang.

Attach a fid to the otherfar end of the rope the end with yellow tape in the photos and pass it through the centre of the rope at the mark made in. Discussion in hammocks started by nclivingbrit, feb 15, 2017. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. It also shows how incredibly easy it is to adjust the whoopie slings length. For those who prefer to splice their own whoopie slings and continuous loops. One of the most popular uses of this sling is to attach a block at the top of the tree without having to tie a knot. How to make camping hammock whoopie slings adjustable hammock suspension diy, myog. Samson amsteel blue is an excellent wire rope replacement. I havent had an opportunity to use my whoopie sling in the wild yet.

Add to wish list click the button below to add the amsteel blue 316 synthetic rope by the foot 4,900 lbs to your wish list. From what im reading i need 30 ft of amsteel for 2 15 foot whoopie slings for my hammock. With one fixed eye and one adjustable, marlow whoopie slings are manufactured using a unique multibraided construction for improved durability without the need for pu coating. These splicing instructions are intended for use with supreemx12 made with dyneema fibre and other 12strand ropes made with highmodulus fibres such as vectran, technora. I dont use a loopie or whoopie sling, and i rig my portawrap. The material is extremely durable and has a strength rating comparable to that of steel but. I will try to get pics to post tomarrow the thing is, i have watched several vids on youtube of how to make ws, and they all make the bury look easy. Splicing is a lot of fun and reward for not much required effort or investment. The two camping trips ive made since making them have been to areas where there are no trees. Im not in this to make any money so it would simply be the cost of the amsteel plus postage to you so long as the order isnt monstrous the shipping isnt much with arrowhead so ill wear the.

You get years of industry experience and the technical support you need to succeed, including access to our extensive library of resources. If you research whoopies slings this is the original cordage and is the established name when it comes. Dd ratio is the ratio of the diameter around which the sling is bent divided by the body diameter of the sling. Amsteel blue line, both for the whoopie sling and for the loop that is attached to the hammock. Each whoopie sling is spliced by the experts at rope logic and features a cordura chafe sleeve for longer wearlife. These whoopie slings are made from 764 silver amsteel, which consists of braided dyneema. This is the same cord dd hammocks use to make their whoopie slings. Getting the maximum comfort from a hammock requires hanging each end at the correct angle. Final adjustment offers 26 feet of flexibility on each whoopie sling. Loopie slings are adjustable continuous loop slings made from samson tenex rope that makes knotless rigging possible. I also am waiting on an order of 14 amsteel from them. Apr 19, 2017 the weight of a whoopie sling made from 12. It can be adjusted from short to long in just seconds and is often used by riggers to anchor a block or friction device to a tree.

The name whoopie sling was apparently first recorded in tree care industry, volume 11 2000. Making big whoopie slings for heavier hammock hangers. Now you can do this two ways, diy whoopie slings or off the shelf whoopies. You can girth hitch a larger whoopie if you have enough sling around the tree for the top and then slide it down as you take off chunks, but the situation really depicts. Make a mark on the short length at a distance of 1x the diameter of the rope away from the newly formed eye. Faq care instructions technology ambassadors affiliates blog. Simply put, a whoopie sling is a rope designed with an adjustable loop. Whoopie slings are adjustable slings constructed with a nonadjustable eye at one end and an adjustable loopeye at the opposite end. The following video shows how you can attach a whoopie sling to your hammock replacing the rope it came with. This stuff is fantastic for any use where you want light weight and extreme strength, perfect for hammock ropes and other camping gear.

Dutchware gear whoopie hooks are titanium hooks that attach to your whoopie slings to the hammock suspension. Whoopie slings with a fixed eye loop as i work out a good way to hang my hammock with a minimum of knotwork that derates the cord and is complicated to tie, especially in the dark and metal hardware thats heavy, i settled on whoopie slings. I will try to get pics to post tomarrow the thing is, i have watched several vids on youtube of how to. Hennessy hammock suspension conversion adventure roams. The incredibly lightweight amsteel blue is great for a range of camping purposes but perhaps most widely known for its use in making whoopie slings. Used for lowering heavy branches or logs, the portawrap iii is a friction device that enables a single person to control loads many times their own weight. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the. They were originally designed by arborists as a way to securely hang from a tree. Sizing and color information whoopie slings our whoopie slings are sold by the maximum useable length.

Adjustable whoopie and loopie slings wesspur tree equipment. Strong, simple and light weight the whoopie sling make a great replacement camping hammock suspension. The only way i got it to work was to buy the smallest knitting neddles i could find, and tope the tag end to it. The first name in replacement and upgrade hammock suspensions. The pictoral i linked to above shows how to do this with a guitar. High quality products from industry leading brands. Whoopie sling adjustable rope slings blairs arborist. On the opposite side is an adjustable length eye that ranges from just over 2 feet long up to 6 feet long. The ubolt and bracket should be free of any abrasive surface. I misplacedforgot the wire that i usually use to pull the bury portion through the outer sheath and tried to use a piece of metal clothes hanger taped to the end of the bury portion of amsteel. Second, you can also save a small bit of money by making your own continuous loops with the left over amsteel from your slings. Hennessy hammock nest hammock camping hammock eno doublenest hammock straps jungle hammock double nest hammock single hammock explorer deluxe eno single nest hammock eno. How to attach my ridgeline to whoopie slings bushcraft. Hi all, ive finished making some whoopies and tarp ridgeline set for a friend and have run out of amsteel.

Whoopie slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can do the job of many. I meant to say bead splicing amsteel to craft a set of whoopie slings. Loopie slings are adjustable continuous loop slings made from samson tenex rope that makes knotless rigging. I personally wanted a different length than what was commonly offered 6 ft. The whoopie sling is still widely used by arborists. Whoopie slings, tree straps, ridge lines, we have it all and were the first to offer them to the hammock camping community. Adjustable tree rigging slings for knotless rigging wesspur.

Upgrade your hammock webbing to these highstrength slings to make it even easier to. On one end of the sling is a spliced eye that can be hooked into any number of connectors. I got some 764 for my hammock whoopie slings and a couple other projects. You can order different colors per end to distinguish head end from foot end.

The marlinspike hitch relies on a toggle that the amsteel is looped over, whereas the the whoopie hook is, well, a hook and actually clips to the amsteel. For more information on this and other topics please visit. Apr 16, 2015 i use a basic measuring method for all my buries. This is a great project for boy scouts, or anyone that. I was told by a few other backpackers to look into whoopie slings for my hammock. Whoopie sling made with dyneema atlantic braids ltd. A simple guide to setup and tie whoopie slings for hammock suspension and ultralight backpacking. The sling has a permanent eye splice at one end, and an adjustable eye at the other end that allows it to adapt to. Well, a friend gave me a 30 section of 14 amsteel, and i made whoopie slings with it. Polyester webbing tree huggers rated up to 1,500 pounds 2 black toggles 2 6 ft 764 amsteel blue whoopie slings rated up to 1,600 pounds 1 2. Whoopee slings feature an adjustable loop with a fixed eye at one end.

It doesnt take much adjustment to change the way your hammock hangs, so be conservative. Samson amsteel blue high performance rope cordage lift. The whoopie sling is an adjustable length sling that is made from our 14 amsteel 78. Dd hammocks offer a complete kit, including 6ft long 2. Im going to buy some more and thought id see if anyone else needed any before i put the order in.

Do not attach anything to the webbing loop that is used to connect the whoopie sling. Amsteel and amsteelblue whoopie slings have a break strength of 70% of the published average rope break. Modifying a hammock for a short hang the ultimate hang. Description premade amsteel whoopie sling for use in gathered end hammock suspension. One configuration is the samson rope technologies whoopie sling. Whoopie sling for versabutton style climbing sticks. Whoopie slings i used this video to make my own hammock. Its somewhat like comparing webbing slings used for rock climbing vs crane rigging slings. The description makes it clear that the sling was developed by and for arborists and it also describes the use of a pulley block on the sling.

Whoopie sling how to tie a whoopie sling using stepby. Wire rope and sling basics two major and opposing characteristics of wire rope slings are. Categories equipment, hammock suspension tags amsteel, dd hammocks, hammock suspension, light weight, whoopie sling leave a comment post navigation. Sliding the amsteel back and forth on a whoopie hook while adjusting the sling. The result was a nice little loop of amsteel that prevents the free end from being pulled too far and adds a nice finished touch. Whoopie slings allow you to easily adjust their length, making sure you can set up your hammock in minutes. Just select your diameter, length, and color above. Choose erigging for top quality, durable steel cable hardware and accessories including heavyduty cable pulleys. Our experience with this one rope amsteelblue indicates synthetic ropes of. Oct 10, 2016 step by step instructions on how to make whoopie slings so you can add redundancy to your highline anchor. The 764 commonly used for whoopie slings, has only eight strands, but diameters beyond that have twelve.

One of the components of a hammock that is very important, is a whoopie sling. Everyone talks about them but still i dont understand. This rig involves no knots, meaning theres no risk of your breaking your fingernails or getting out your knife when it comes to taking your hammock back down. Amsteelblue is a torquefree, 12strand single braid that yields the maximum in strengthtoweight ratio and, size forsize, is the same strength as steelyet it floats. You could use amsteel as a whoopie sling, but youd want a much larger diameter than 38 to make up for the loss in strength due to abrasion. Custom built, from individual suspension components to complete kits we stock everything you need to get any hammock off the ground. Chafing sleeves in the loadbearing eye and the body of the sling help protect against abrasion. If youve ever considered splicing your own amsteel, give this a try. The samson documentation invariably lists amsteel blue as a class 212strand product, but that documentation often does not include the 764 size because it is too small for the marine and industrial use that samson caters to. Measuring from mark 0, measure twice the length of the finished sling length plus 1 short fid.

Apr, 2012 i should mention that the whoopie hook is designed to be used with 764. The samson documentation invariably lists amsteel blue as a class 212strand. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Discussion in commercial tree care and climbing started by lone wolf. Guide to amsteel this is cleanup of a previous post. If you select dutchware whoopie hooks, we install them on the whoopie and it provides an instant connection to the channel loops of your bias hammock. What exactly do i need to switch from atlas straps to.

The addition of the adjustable structural ridge line allows you to consistently hang your hammock no matter the distance between your anchor points. Today, thats what were going to talk about how to make a whoopie sling using only five tools. I needed to make some whoopie slings for my new rei quarter dome air hammock so i could hang with the big trees. Get an ad free experience with special benefits, and directly support reddit.

Whoopie slings whoopie slings are adjustable in length so. Samson amsteel blue yields the maximum in strengthtoweight ratio and size for size, is the same strength as steel, yet it floats. Amsteelblue is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch, and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance. I really enjoy making all sorts of things from amsteel from continuous loops, to dogbone suspension extensions fixed eye on each end of a straight length of cord, to whoopie slings. A pair of our readymade dd whoopie slings provide the lightest and most compact suspension for your hammock. Made a new set of whoopie slings for the lawson blue ridge camping hammock while accompanying my sons boy scout troop at summer camp. Making it one of the best innovations in hammock camping suspension systems. They have a bead spliced on the adjustable loop so it c. Amsteelblue is a torquefree, 12strand single braid that yields the maximum in strengthtoweight ratio and, sizeforsize, is the same strength as steelyet it floats. Splicing fixed eye amsteel and amsteel blue whoopie slings have a break strength of 70% of the published average rope break strength. You can fit your needle inside because amsteel cord is a hollow core rope.

Unfortunately, the whoopie slings store did not carry the dutch clips like shug had in his video, so instead, i opted to go with 2 of the nano 23 carabiners by c. Its basically a long whoopie sling that gives you a range of adjustment between 81 and 116. Most find their comfort around 100 so thats a good starting point. Amsteel blue is a torquefree 12strand braid that, sizeforsize, is as strong as steel but outlasts wire 3. Specs product details color silver, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue material dyneema fiber diameter 764 overall length 6 ft lead length 8 weight 20 g. Making big whoopie slings for heavier hammock hangers youtube. But before you blow the top out, it is impossible to continually slide the sling down as you rig wood. Amsteel whoopie slings single whoopies slings these are sold individually so you can pick different colors whoopie slings are one of the most adjustable and lightest way to suspend your hammock. Hammock suspension everything you need to get off the ground. Amsteel blue 316 synthetic rope by the foot 4,900 lbs.

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