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Planned maintenance software makes it easy to handle schedules, inventory, work. Fleetios fleet management software provides mobile capabilities like native smartphone and tablet access to all fleet data and mobile upload for documents and work order data. Vehicle fleet management systems for optimized routing, scheduling and dispatching. Nov 28, 2018 the best fleet management software shows pinpointaccurate locations of the vehicles in your fleet, notifies you of maintenance and fuel updates, and provides analytics that help improve your processes and save money. Jan 26, 2016 if you found this video useful and would like to see free microsoft access tutorial videos click the like button and dont forget to subscribe. Preventive maintenance management software emaint cmms. Maintenance arrangements should be established in the initial planning stages of any transportation program. Tracking repair maintenance is just as important as tracking preventive maintenance.

The software provides defect reporting, statutory inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity management, job cards, history recording and workshop. Preventive maintenance scheduling software if your organization currently works in a reactive maintenance or fire fighting mode, then you are at risk of higher maintenance costs, failure rates and downtime. Leveraging planned maintenance software, such as a cmms, allows you to organize all the resources necessary to plan maintenance, like labour and parts. This platform informs operators well in advance for upcoming preventive maintenance services so they can anticipate expenses and sufficiently manage costs beforehand. Vehicle service management system from elva dms ensures vehicle repair business functions and allows to manage entire organization using this one system. Also, include all service or maintenance schedules youve planned for your vehicle.

Documentation and evaluation of vehicle maintenance documentation and evaluation of vehicle maintenance activities is the primary means by which the maintenance program can attain its goals. The time you spend now to develop your fleets preventive maintenance plan could save your company a considerable amount of lost time in the future. Planned maintenance planned preventive maintenance ppm fiix. Leverage utilization data to develop and assign maintenance schedules to vehicles or assets. It includes vehicle and equipment information, preventive maintenance scheduling, repair orders, fuel tracking, inventory control, tire tracking and complete. If a vehicle is stolen, track its whereabouts with the tracking device.

Monitoring trends in repair maintenance can help you decide whether to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment. Vehicle maintenance planner tool 1 introduction welcome to the freight best practice vehicle maintenance planner. Increase efficiency by automating fleet management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, fuel transactions and more. Download link excel template for maintenance planning and scheduling. Fleet maintenance software that helps you avoid costly, unexpected fleet vehicle and equipment breakdowns. Fleetsoft is the versatile, featurerich, and easytouse fleet maintenance and parts inventory management software package trusted by thousands of fleets across all industries. Streamline your fleet inspection and maintenance processes. Plan ahead with fleet maintenance management software based on vehicle and equipment utilization.

Manage your companys vehicle fleet with fleet management. Fleet maintenance software is a fleet management application targeted specifically toward companies that manage large fleets of vehicles. Fleet maintenance software schedules when vehicle maintenance should occur. Once vehicle location, direction and speed are determined from the gps components, additional tracking capabilities transmit this information to a fleet management software application. Better and more timely vehicle maintenance reduces downtime and lowers costs. These assets can include, for instance, manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, hvac. Microsoft access equipment maintenance log tracking database.

Our vehicle maintenance system is a workshop management package specially designed for coach, bus and truck operators. A disciplined approach to service and maintenance is critical to keep your vehicle or equipment in top condition and maintain its resale value. Download fleetco fleet maintenance management for free. This could include semitrucks, aircraft, field service trucks, delivery vehicles, limousines, construction equipment or. Control the chaos of fleet maintenance and management with fleetio.

When you are satisfied that it meets your needs, purchase a license key and unlock the software to continue where you left off. Dreamorbits custombuild vehicle management software ensures that you can track and trace everything related to your vehicle. During the process you are asked to select a maintenance plan high, medium, low, do it yourself. Vehicle tracking swept path analysis software, formerly autotrack, supports parking lot design, airport design, roundabout design, and light rail design. Vehicle maintenance system distinctive systems software. Comply with annual inspection dates and other legally required inspections. Predictive maintenance is a similar but distinct category of cmms software wherein meters or sensors predict when a machine may breakdown. Vehicle maintenance plan objective the objective of the cyride vehicle maintenance plan is to optimize the value of the funded dollar while protecting stakeholder investment. Fleetco fleet maintenance management fleetco is a web based vehicle fleet maintenance management system written in php with mysql databas. A nononsense, databaselike interface can hold up to 99 vehicles at one time, tracking maintenance or restoration projects down to the finest details. Our online vehicle maintenance software allows you to plan and track the. With fleet maintenance pro, your maintenance and repair records are captured automatically.

Visual planning assists with fleet maintenance solutions, vehicle tracking and record keeping. With seamless data connectivity and dedicated support. Vehicle maintenance plan schedule template pdf format download. To enjoy the real profit using fleet management software, one should invest some dollars to increase their business revenue and realise what really matters with the updated fleet technology. Free vehicle maintenance software to track your vehicles. Vehicle tracking swept path analysis software autodesk. Our flexible maintenance planning software helps operations of every size manage the preventive care thats required for proper vehicle maintenance. Log software is a free vehicle maintenance software designed to track your vehicle s overall maintenance. A scheduling model lets your team plan for preventative maintenance. Document your compliance with vehicle maintenance warranty requirements. Benefits of vehicle fleet maintenance management software. Freeware vehicle maintenance software free download. Once you start seeing the value in tracking vehicle maintenance, youll want to do the same for all kinds of other equipment. The software provides defect reporting, statutory inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity management, job cards, history recording and workshop control.

The fleet maintenance software of choice of over 4,000 private, forhire and public fleets, dossier lowers costs and downtime by automating control of your fleets records, pm scheduling, repair orders and histories, fuel costs and mpg, cost control with cost per milehr, parts inventory control w auto reordering. A stepbystep guide to establishing an effective pm program w checklist read more. Fleet maintenance management software chevin fleet. This record is also known as a car maintenance log, auto maintenance log or even a truck maintenance log. Theres an important distinction to be made between preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. Preventive maintenance programs are an application of cmms that help organizations manage preventive care, as opposed to corrective or predictive care, of assets.

Vehicle project planner offers tracking tools that make such jobs easier. Protect vehicle assets and lower operating costs by using fleet management software to improve route planning, maintenance and service times. Take advantage of training offered by professional transit organizations, vendors, manufacturers, etc. Restoring a classic automobile, or even just performing regular maintenance, is a tough job. Stream check fleet maintenance software walkaround checks. How to implement a fleet preventive maintenance plan. On the notebook, write down all the relevant information. Has a full service history, as per your car manufacturers requirements.

This tool is intended to help logistics and transport professionals plan their maintenance operations in order to improve the efficiency and reduce the wholelife vehicle costs of freight operations. Fleetminder is a fleet maintenance and workshop management software that helps manage job cards, inspections, maintenance planning, compliance, vehicle. Its a lightweight and easytouse software that can keep maintenance record of any kind of vehicle including cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, trucks, and. Vehicle maintenance software for home and professional use. Fleet maintenance software for fleets of all sizes. A written vehicle inspection and maintenance program. If youre currently relying solely on reactive maintenance, then your company is probably wasting tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year due to a lack of a consistent preventive maintenance plan the good news is that starting a preventive maintenance program isnt complicated when you have a clear idea of the steps you need to take. Youre in good company with carcare since 1998, carcare has become the product of choice for many s of cars owners searching for simple, lowcost, easytouse automotive maintenance tracking software for personal use. Maintenance planning software bushive transportation software. Download the free trial and evaluate the software with a limitation of 10 records in each area. Car maintenance schedule software, vehicle maintenance. Pm maintenance reminders, work orders, inventory tracking, and more. Avoid expensive repairs and downtime due to missed maintenance. Prepaid maintenance services include changing the engine oil and oil filter, lubrication, inspection and tire rotation.

A log template for vehicle maintenance is used in various industries where the tiptop shape of the vehicle under question is crucial for the safety of the drivers as well as the functioning of. The system is in daily use with over 475 operators. Stream check helps businesses to easily ensure the safety and compliance of their vehicles, plant machinery and assets. Automatically checks our website for free program updates and tells you when an update is available. Service is always performed at your dealership, improving brand recognition and customer loyalty while enhancing the trade value of your customers vehicles. Fleetsoft fleet maintenance and parts inventory management software is the. Features maintenance planning and scheduling excel.

Vehicle repair service business is all about the time and quality. Find out more use fleet tracking software to monitor driver behavior through in vehicle fleet telematics hardware, capturing speeding, maneuvering and idling patterns. Opensource fleet management software does not fit todays fleet business. Vehicle maintenance software a computerized vehicle log. Fleetco was initially designed for trucking companies in mind but it can be useful for any person or company having a fleet of vehicles. You can also use it to schedule the maintenance of your car. Fleet maintenance software will allow you to set up alerts based on your predefined triggers, which will automatically notify your fleet manager or maintenance manager when a vehicle is due for preventive maintenance. Reduce service downtime and plan service recourses including mechanics and equipment. In addition, the money you spend on implementing a preventive maintenance plan will be small in comparison to maintenance costs associated with.

Be notified via the fleet management software or your mobile device whenever any suspicious or offhours use of the vehicle is observed. Jul 5, 2015 vehicle preventive maintenance schedule log automotive wolf car maintenance log software for windows computers monitors your automobile routine maintenance plan and reminds you whenever any service is required. Maintenance planning software bushive transportation. Vehicle project planner free download and software. Fuel costs can be compared to mileage and a fuel card integration gives you instant access to charges. Above this, consider our webbased version, or desktop applications for business use. Our extensive experience developing maintenance management software enables us to create systems that will help you run a more effective and cost efficient maintenance program. Vehicle maintenance schedule templates any of your vehicle preventive maintenance schedules can be used as a template when adding another vehicle to the database. Preventive maintenance plan the ridiculously simple guide. You can use a vehicle maintenance log to monitor the repairs of your vehicle.

Top 5 tips for effective fleet maintenance planning. Ensure each vehicle is operating at peak efficiency. Download free trial specifically designed for home use and professional, auto maintenance pro will track preventive and repair maintenance for up to 5 or 10 vehicles or equipment, depending on your version choice. Manage your companys vehicle fleet with fleet management software hours of service. It has all the requested features, including columns for the date of service, work performed, mileage at service, and cost. Find the right fleet management software for your business. Effective fleet operations require the flexibility to adjust and respond to the daytoday realities once vehicles leave the depot and execute on the road. Compare leading fleet maintenance software solutions to find the.

It covers work order management, maintenance scheduling, reports and dashboards, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, mobile maintenance. The second way to keep a log is by using car maintenance software. Distinctive systems vehicle maintenance system dvsa. This scheduling capability allows a company to minimize the inconvenience of downtime for a given vehicle. Effective fleet maintenance planning verizon connect. Maintain your vehicle log book on your computer and get reminders when service is due with vehicle manager.

This could include semitrucks, aircraft, field service trucks, delivery vehicles, limousines, construction equipment or just about anything else with an engine. Technology is an important ingredient for implementing planned maintenance. Up to 10 total assets can be managed within auto maintenance pro. Gps vehicle maintenance receive alerts for vehicle. Methods for data transmission include both terrestrial and satellite. Fleetco is a web based vehicle fleet maintenance management system written in php with mysql database backend. This starts at purchasing and runs all the way through resale or disposal, including along the way regulatory compliance, fuel and tire usage, warranties, lifecycle costing, driver history and more.

The top ten reasons to use automotive wolf vehicle maintenance software. Of course, this option is ideal for those who are techsavvy. From daytoday data entry to longterm trend analysis, fleetsoft delivers powerful functionality without compromising on simplicity. Chevins online vehicle maintenance software allows you to plan and track the servicing and repairs of your vehicles, assets and equipment to give you actionable information to increase efficiency within your maintenance program. If your car does not have a full service history, you can obtain a maintenance plan only if your car is inspected by an independent agency, for example the aa of sa. Our fleet management software generates alerts for upcoming maintenance and incorporates vehicle status and location into maintenance planning. Weve compiled a list of the 10 best fleet management software choices for different size fleets. You can use the vehicle maintenance schedule templates to keep a track of all the works done or which are to be done in a timely fashion and also schedule the works according to your needs, financial condition and the expiry dates.

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