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Four or 6row cooling coils combine the capacities you need with the most efficient heat transfer surface. Manual fan speed control when you use the controller with the optional spt sensor, the. Select location for lamps that gives the most exposure to coildrain pan. Steel recessing flanges for recessing fancoil units into ceiling or wall. Carrier declines any liability for damage resulting from inappropriate operation that is out of the prescription in the instructions. Residential carrier fan coil unit 3 12 ton carrier hvac. Heat ventilation air conditioner date december 31th 20. Any modifications to product specifications by any person are subject to acceptance of the factory. The bldc fan coil offers an average energy saving of 50% or more, compared to conventional ac fan coil units. Carriers fan coil units are designed to offer outstanding performance paired with minimal energy consumption. Download full hvac training course by ramy ghoraba four parts in pdf files free hvac tutorial download free mep calculation excel sheets, autocad drawings, and training courses for hvac, firefighting, plumbing and electrical systems design.

Choose from the categories below to find the best fan coil solution for your needs. Fan coil units terminal devices carrier air conditioning uk. Hfcf meets the standards of todays market, as well as the anticipated needs of tomorrows market. Thefv4b achievesan operational advantage when the ecm electronically commutated motor is combined with a carrier performancet heat pump with purone refrigerant. This fan coil utilizes a highefficiency, multispeed blower motor to provide comfort options.

Indicate filter type in the fan coil unit schedule on drawings. Full hvac training course by ramy ghoraba pdf files. They come with either multi or fixedspeed blower motors to deliver cooling or heating comfort to your home for years to come. The highwall 200 ec vertically mounted fan coil range is 200mm deep and fitted with high efficiency ecdc motors, offering specific fan powers sfp between 0. Featuring ec motors, optimised coils and an array of filter options, the evo range can be configured to suit residential, commercial and hotel applications. Fan performance 42ce fan coil unit 1 2 4 7 11 12 carrier china headquartered in farmington, connecticut, usa, carrier corporation is the worlds largest provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with operations in more than 170 countries including china. Air humidity coil entering, unit discharge, at thermostat, outdoor space and ambient co 2 level control point status. Indicate filter type in the fancoilunit schedule on drawings. Mop 180 2082303 75 100 4603 35 45 5753 28 35 210 2082303 86 110 4603 42 50 5753 34 45 240 2082303 97 125 4603 46 60 5753 38 50 300 2082303 126 175 4603 53 70 5753 44 50 table 4. Drawings are provided in autocad 1 dxf format drawing interchange format and can be easily used in a variety of cad software packages. Fan and blower power total unit power refrigerant pressures 4 refrigerant temperatures 12.

Kvp series vertical stack fan coil units all files blower coil units download all. With everything from beltdrive to ducted units and unique stackable configurations all in multiple models and capacities airstream units offer exceptional flexibility and availability. No other selection of fan coils is more complete than carriers airstream product line. At this time check to make sure that furnished only items such as switches, thermostats, etc. Sound fan coil the fv4b is the premium air handler combining the proven technology of carrier fan coils with environmentally sound purone refrigerant. Model number description ebc cooling only electric heat optional gbc gas heat unit may 2018 list of options note. The atlas ceiling grid system is a field assembled, gasketed, heavy duty ceiling grid for use in operating rooms, laboratories, and cleanroom applications. Complete with builtin discharge and inlet attenuation, providing high performance selections down to nr25, lending. When installed with a humiditysensing thermostat and matched outdoor unit, carrier fan coils can provide added comfort and efficiency through humidity management during the cooling season. The horizontal direct drive hdy offers compact blower fancoils that are ideally suited for a variety of ducted applications. Click on the model number of an item to know details of the same. Read below where experts have answered a large number of questions on fan coil unit systems, fan coil unit maintenance and repair.

York ygfc fan coil units provide 800 models in four major series of ceiling concealed mounting, vertical concealed mounting, ceiling exposed mounting and vertical exposed mounting for customers to choose. Base unit dimensions 42bhc fan coil base unit no controls notes. The carrier 42nh and 42nl are available in different sizes with 2pipe. Pleated prefilter unit size nominal airflow cfm 06 600 08 800 10 12 1200 16 1600 20. Our range includes compact ducted units, floormounted and ceilingmounted cassette systems.

Carrier fan coil units represent a prudent investment offer. Every unit is designed and developed for efficient cooling and energy consumption. Contents 02 wall mounted type 04 ceiling cassette type 06 08 ceiling concealed type ducted blower type 10 15 18 remark. All unit photos in this catalog are solely for illustration purpose, actual outlook may differ slightly. Download the cad templates for the refrigeration, unitary, and air handler products you need for your system designs. Only thinline lets you tailor the industrys broadest set of fan coil features, options, and configurations to match your projects space, sound, and efficiency goals. Instruction manual cheetah fan coil unit original instructions 3 1.

Drawings are provided for you to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of a building design. Fan coil units in combination with chillers and or boilers can be used to provide a broad range of solutions that can be tailored to local conditions such as climate, primary fuel market or building insulation. Typically a fan coil unit is not connected to ductwork, and is used to control the temperature in the space where it is installed, or serve multiple spaces. Manual air vents each standard coil includes a man. These units provide comfort cooling and heating while offering a broad range of application flexibility beyond traditional fan coil units. Turn off all power to unit and install lockout tag. Aircooled liquid chillers 20 through 120 tons cgam. Most factory installed options are available for downflow air discharge units only. Horizontal throw, bulkhead mounted active chilled beam. Rise fan coil unit is lifted into place directly above the unit on the floor below. Residential hvac fan coils fan coil units carrier hvac.

No other selection of fan coils is more complete than carrier s airstream product line. Installation and operation manual read this manual attentively before starting up the unit. After determining the condition of the carton exterior, carefully remove each unit from the carton and inspect for hidden damage. Horizontal, low profile fan coils johnson controls. Fan coil units can be celling, wall or floor mounted and there are both vertical and horizontal fan coil units. The fan coil controller is available as an integrated component of a carrier packaged unit. Shop residential hvac fan coil units from carrier enterprise ce a globally trusted hvacr distribution company. The units have advanced technology of low noise fan, air condition manufacture process and the last lanced sine wave fin. Energy efficient airconditioners carrier philippines. For custom applications, special coils are available with lower pressure drops. Airstream 42bhe,bve0640 system fan coils 600 to 4000 nominal cfm product data 42bhe unit 42bve unit. Steel recessing flanges for recessing fan coil units into ceiling or wall. Installation instructions accessory ultraviolet uv. Layers are used to separate unit outlines, clearances, dimensions, and connections.

Thinline fan coils and cabinet unit heaters daikin applied. The equipment covered by this manual is available with a variety of options and accessories. Titus hvac engineering innovative air distribution. Operation and maintenance instructions read the instructions thoroughly before installing, operating and maintaining the unit. A fan coil unit fcu is a simple device consisting of a heating or cooling coil and fan. Remove indoor coil casing door and inspect coil casing for proper location of uv lamp mounting holes. At carrier, were quietly improving efficiency and bringing flexible control to fan coils. The above airflows result with the achp cfm adjust select jumper set on nom. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. View and download carrier 42 series application data online. Lmhs series single duct terminal unit all files qfc standard vav fan powered terminal unit, constant or series all files qfv standard vav fan powered terminal unit, variable or parallel all files.

In automatic mode, energy consumption can be reduced even further as the units advanced intelligent control. International environmental corporation iec fan coil units represent a prudent investment, offering troublefree operation and long service with proper installation, operation, and regular maintenance. In the event a claim for shipping damage is filed, the unit. The customer can select a unit of high static pressure model if necessary. Light from the lamp should wash the coil and pan for maximum effectiveness see fig. The 42bh fan coil unit provides yearround comfort air conditioning with central station operating economy. See drawings for unit configurations, dimensions, clearances, and pipe connections. Even better, match our infinity fan coil with an infinity system control, carrier humidifier and appropriate outdoor unit. Refer to the unit wiring diagram installed on the blower housing or specific manufacturer literature for any other type of factorymounted controls. Any hidden damage should be recorded and immediately reported to the carrier and a. Dxfcad templates carrier commercial systems north america. Offering system designers great flexibility in initial concept and the ability to simply reconfigure spaces to match future requirements, the advantages of multiroom are far.

Consult ari ratings before matching outdoor unit with fv4b fan coil. Dxfcad templates are full scale 2d drawings of carrier products. Units are ideal for installations in hotels, models, apartments and other multi. Carrier brushless dc fan coil is ideal choice for buildings seeking for both green and comfort. Fan coil unit horizontal chilled water application. Carrier declines any liability for damage resulting from inappropriate operation that is. Split systems revit 3d templates carrier building solutions.

In automatic mode, energy consumption can be reduced even further as. See drawings for unit configurations, dimensions, clearances. Its as easy as making sure you have the right fan coil to match. Unit installation recommended clearances top view for drain pan or coil removal, the recommended clearance should be no less than the width of the unit plus connections. This air either heats or cools the room the unit is in. Installation and operation manual vertical hirise fan. We give you options for improving efficiency and reducing noise all with easy operation and the durability of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

All specifications are subjected to change by the manufacturer without prior notice. Wall mounted cassette ducted fan coil unit product catalogue. Daikin applied thinline fan coils feature energyefficient, quiet operation that is ideal for new. The low silhouette styling of this unit makes it a popular choice for the intheceiling or over the closet applications in all types of building. Standard copper tube aluminium fins cual evaporator coil for maximum heat transfer. Installation and operation manual vertical hirise fan coil units model series. Combined heating and cooling functionality makes interior climate control quick and easy. The evo range consists of the core products within the ability portfolio, offering quiet, highly efficient and costeffective solutions.

Fan coil units carrier building solutions north america. Fma4p2400al f fan coil m multifamily type a apartment installation type 4 environmentally balanced r410a refrigerant p piston. Our awardwinning multiroom range takes fan coil intelligence to the next level by offering individual control of up to five separate spaces from a single fan coil unit. Fan coil units control selection guide for fan coil air conditioners. View and download carrier 42bhc product data online.

Water containing required concentration sulphate less than 200 ppm ph 7. Paired correctly with an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, it can aid efficiency to help you save on your energy dollars. Product catalog hfcf horizontal concealed chilled water fan coil unit airflow. Our comfort series fan coils are an economical and durable counterpart to a comfort air conditioner or heat pump when theres no furnace indoors to move the air. For ms\iec\standard forms\word files \iec terms and conditions 1page 0910. They come with either multi or fixedspeed blower motors to deliver cooling or heating comfort to your. When you do, you could see improved hspf from your heat pump, a jump of up to two points in the seer rating of your air conditioner or heat pump and an equally dramatic improvement in your utility bill. Failure to provide proper water quality will void the fan coil units warranty. In warmer climates or when a building is well insulated, fan coil units with a chiller 2pipe system can handle both cooling and heating. Carrier lanced sine wave fin pattern ensures high eer performance. No complex system controls are required for carrier fan coil units. Get more savings on your electricity bill with carrier air conditioners.

Ceiling concealed chilled water fan coil unit engineer data edfwwvc201607 models. Unit connection direction drain pan length static pressure coil rows unit size model letters product series air flow digit no. Chilled water furredin model with plenum fan coil units. Qfc standard vav fan powered terminal unit, constant or series all files qfv standard vav fan powered terminal unit, variable or parallel all files kqfs ultra quiet vav fan powered terminal unit, constant or series all files kqfp ultra quiet vav fan powered terminal unit, variable or parallel all files klps low profile vav fan. Fww200vc fww300vc fww400vc fww500vc fww600vc fww700vc fww800vc fwwvc fww1200vc fww1400vc air flow. Increase efficiencies 80% above typical fan coil motor operation with thinlines exclusive four ecm control options that give you ultimate flexibility for energy use, airflow, sound, and design. Use only the energy you need 80% higher efficiency in exclusive ecm control. Improper installation or attachment of equipment or accessories could result in electric chock, shortcircuit, leaks, fire or other dama ge to the equipment. Dry coil at 230 volts and with 10kw heater and filter installed. Aircooled liquid chillers 10 through 60 tons cga, cgaf select unit specifications. With carrier s 42 series fan coil units, you can select furred. Browse companies that make fan coil units and view and download their free cad details, revit bim files, specifications and other content relating to fan coil units as well as other product information formated for the architectural community. With everything from beltdrive to ducted units and unique stackable. It is part of an hvac system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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